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Welcome to Triple T Parents' Association, a non-profit organization dedicated to competitive gymnastics. Our goal is to raise funds to support our gymnasts during the competition season so they can reach their full potential. Together, we can make a difference!


Completed forms and payment are due in advance of upcoming "EXTRA" meets.


Away meets $280

Local meets $200


  • Make a Wish (Jan 26-28)-Extra meet for all levels - Payment due Dec 1st 

  • Excaliber (Feb 17-18)-Extra meet for XG, XP, Levels 3-7 - Payment due Nov 15 at the beginning of practice

  • Queen of Hearts (Mar 2-3) Extra meet for all levels - Payment due Jan 15th


Forms can be located on the shelf by the team wall.

  • Instagram

Check out Instagram to see what our gymnasts are working on!

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